If one more person asks me how I can afford my fashion, i’m going to scream. Literally. So, i’m sitting on this plane, on my way back from LA, and I thought i’d write to you!

I want to talk about the concept of high & low. I learned this concept from a colleague when I was working at Coach, in Chicago. When it comes to fashion you don’t have to be guccied out to the socks, that’s not cute. And-being stylish doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune. So basically, in a nutshell, high-low refers to the cost of each item you’re wearing. All the things you wear don’t have to be high priced or name brand for that matter, take a look below for a perfect example of high-low.

Hat-Nordstrom Rack, $10

Shoes-Steve Madden, $35

Pants-Urban outfitters, $50

Shirt-Banana Republic, $7

Scarf-Burberry, $425

Wallet-Gucci, $600

Trench-the thrift, $5

Shades, QUAY Australia (on sale) $25

*Yes. I know. Some of the highs are REAL HIGH. But they are classic… and we’ll talk classics later! ENJOY! :)

Check out this look, HERE!

Upcoming topics:

-High-end luxury classics-they’re worth it!

-Staple items that you better have in your closet.

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Inspired alert: While in LA recently, I got SO inspired to be more committed to blogging about my passions. I met so many people in LA that were grinding so hard to reach their goals, and to follow their dreams. For a while, I lost my motivation. I got caught up with my new job in Baltimore and sort of lost sight of the original commitment to my blog. I’m back.



edited, March 15, 2019